A Willing Heart Until The End

I do still do video commissions if anyone is interested - since I see some activity going on with the mcdanno vid commission -

Adam Jensen/David Sarif 15 prompts part 2

  1. Adam keeps getting distracted by David’s butt - “- and I need you to go to Pritchard’s office…Adam ?” “Wha - ?” ” Did you listen to any of what I just said ?” “Yes….well. Mostly” “Are you okay ?” “Fine, fine. Just…other things on my mind, sorry” “Really” “Yes, it’s nothing” “Is that so” “Yes…why are you looking at me like that ?” “I’m looking at you as I always do” “No you are not” “Yes, I am” “No, I can tell the difference” “Adam, what the hell is your problem ?!” “I DON’T have a problem” “Adam!” “It’s you and those goddamn tight pants, how can you just walk around like that, it’s distracting me and I’m leaving, bye” ” ???? “
  2. They watch The Grudge together - “How can you sleep at night, this is  creepy as hell, jesus fucking christ - no, no forget it, I’m out of here”  “Come on David, you were fine at Panchaea and you are freaked out by a movie ?” “The people at Panchaea were having hallucinations, this whatever-hell-she-is is doing some weird ass yoga and - what the hell did she just do with her head ?! Good lord, I can’t…you have issues Jensen” *David leaves the room**Adam laughs in the background* “Wuss”
  3. David shows up at limb clinic with his augmented hand broken off, holding it in his left hand. “Mr.Sarif ! How did that happen ?” “Unfortunate accident” says David, giving a side glare directed to Adam standing behind him, who immediately leans closer and whispers angrily “I already said I’m sorry, you went to bed with me at your own risk, you know”
  4. Adam and David go out together
  5. Instead of finding David in the machine room at Panchaea, Adam finds him standing on top of a truck with many crazies surrounding him beneath
  6. Either David or Adam go through a glitch in front of the other
  7. David and Adam have to survive zombie apocalypse together
  8. In the beginning of their relationship they never snuggled together after sex,but somehow always woke up in embrace and the more often it happened, the comfortable they became with each other
  9. When a random man starts to verbally attack David when he’s out with Adam, he ignores it, but when the man brings up what David has done to Adam and does get a reaction from it, Adam loses his cool and goes to show off just what he thinks about this man’s opinions on something he wanted to settle between David and himself alone
  10. David really likes the cologne Adam uses, so he keeps giving Adam random hugs so he can sniff him
  11. Adam wakes up David
  12. Earthquake hits Detroit ( and David probably really hates his office’s designer )
  13. Adam stops assassination attempt on David
  14. Adam has insomnia so David helps out
  15. They have a little kissing session in David’s office when Athene reports Taggart coming in and the guys have to hurry to make themselves look presentable again

nice to see new people being dragged into the cobra 11 slash :>

let’s home that my david sarif/adam jensen storm brings the same results


I’ve been wanting to make this for a loooong time.

Shit Kenny says…


Taking a hit and dying for Clem


Taking a hit and dying for Clem

eemamminy said: I love this so far :D I totally read all the dialog in their voices too haha

Lol yeah and you can bet how awkward is it going to be for David to leave the HQ with his security guards and trying to come up with proper excuse to leave for a bit so he can relieve Adam’s situation

Semir/Andre/Ben/Tom - The Crow

They all left him in the end

I just had this random NC-17 idea that Adam inhaled something that made him really horny and he just finished a mission and Malik is supposed to fly him back to the HQ, but he’s having some major difficulties so he calls David (whom he’s already with by then) and he kinda indirectly tells him that he’s got a major boner that’s really messing up his current situation and David is like ” I don’t know what do you expect me to do, Adam. I have a meeting in a minute, I can’t cancel it because my security chief has an unfortunate boner-“

"YOU were the one who sent me in there without mentioning that they had this kind of defense and besides, who the hell uses a gas that causes an erection as a DEFENSE ?!"

"I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to do, I mean you do have different DNA and-"

"And I really need a hand right now and preferably other parts as well" Adam groaned. There was a moment of silence over the infolink, till David spoke in a low voice.

"Do you think that giving you a hand is going to be enough, or are we like..you know…gonna have to get more physical ?"

"It’s going to get homicidal if I won’t get rid of it soon" Adam growled.

"Okay, okay, tell Faridah to drop you off at your apartment, I’ll figure something out" replied David and ended the call. Adam cursed and thanking god for having his coat on, made his way towards VTOL.

tbc lol

Adam’s eternal excuse

gotta love how realisticaly the dead bodies in Deus Ex Human Revolution, look.

gotta love how realisticaly the dead bodies in Deus Ex Human Revolution, look.

I like how some of the enemies don’t call Adam Jensen, Adam Jensen but Sarif *something*
Arie Van Bruggen calls him “Sarif Man” lol
so they are married without even knowing it

I like how some of the enemies don’t call Adam Jensen, Adam Jensen but Sarif *something*

Arie Van Bruggen calls him “Sarif Man” lol

so they are married without even knowing it

Sarif Warned Me Too Late

okay I didn’t know about that dialogue, it never happened to me before and when it happened I was recording for my new let’s play, so I have to admit, I was rather surprised that Sarif didn’t want me to kill anyone :/

I think David should have a moment of weakness where he snaps at Adam, who visibly thinks that David doesn’t have the right to get upset because his loss wasn’t as bad as Adam’s.