A Willing Heart Until The End

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I’ll translate some of the stuff in there, like for example they aparently told Rene that if fans didn’t start to like him that he would be killed off instantly.

alarm-fur-cobra-01 said: thank you!! finally someone that doesn’t like chris so much and alex also

I never liked Chris to begin with, badass macho characters don’t belong to place where teamwork is a key, not to mention Semir is my favourite and he was badly mistreated by Chris, Tom had to be turning in his grave to see such a dummy failing to fullfill his job.

I was literally waiting for Tom to break out of his grave and punch Chris in the face and say “No! You are doing it WRONG!”

I might share with you one little treasure I’ve been saving since it came out.

It’s basically magazine from 2003 on Cobra 11

there are fun facts, interviews, gallery, info about actors, characters, amount of injuries, how was cobra 11 made, where did they get the cars….




So in the beginning of Janina, the truck driver keeps going from side to side because a prostitute waves undies at him and then you see Tom going from side to side XD

Semir is in the passenger seat

I wonder what is distracting Tom from going straight.


Because Cobra 11 is about teamwork, Chris prefered to work alone and kept leaving Semir behind, it’s not a team if you can’t work with your partner.

I didn’t like Chris’s personality, he visibly didn’t click with Semir, they didn’t get along well, since I provide gifs which only involve slash, I had nothing to offer with Chris, the actor was used to being solo hero from Kommissar Rex  and just couldn’t accept that wow, suddenly there is someone as equally important as he is.

I dislike them as a pairing and as partners.

Darkness and secrecy doesn’t belong to Cobra 11, which is why I don’t like Alex much either, solo actions lead to death

all three of the partners( except Andre, not sure if he’s 100% dead) died because they decided to act on their own

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Hi, this is pastelperkygoth (dunno if you remember me, I answered your question about preferred pairings) and I decided to make a cobra 11 blog :) Ah and since you asked why I prefer Semir being the older one : I dunno, I just like experienced/angry/tortured Semir more than unexperienced/young/happy Semir. This may be because I started with the newer episodes then went backwards.

yeah I remember you

I see, I watched cobra 11 since I was a kid, so I always prefered carefree Semir, the older he is, the darker everything becomes and seeing people who he cared for leave him one by one, just makes it more and more depressing.

But I have to admit, writing fics on depressed Semir is way easier than carefree.

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Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

My high pain tolerance and my stubbornness


I am seriously stubborn little shit

so bunch of guys walked past me and one of them said ‘wow, nice dog’ and I’m thinking ‘dog ? what dog ?’ I look around trying to figure out where the hell did he see a dog and then I finally realize that he’s talking about my tattoo

are the hercules/iolaus shippers still following me ?

Cause I’m thinking of doing more gifs

let me know if you are interested

I’ll start translating next episode tonight, hopefully people won’t talk as much as they did in the one before lol

the more I’ll write, the shittier it’ll become, just sayin.

Can’t we bring in someone with a talent to this fandom, please ?

Andre/Semir - Harpoon

Author : maonethedwarf (as always)

Pairing : Andre/Semir

Disclaimer : Don’t own anything except the words of their fictional love

Rating : PG

Alternative ending to Andre’s meeting with the harpoon ( the one where he didn’t really die, but just went AFK for few years, that one)
beta readed by sarahenany

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Thank you for Fieberträume ♥


Cobra 11 episode Fieberträume(Feverish Dream) download with english subtitles (by me)


I’d just like to add something to this, I had quite a lot of problems with addresses and names, I don’t speak german, so I had to either guess what was being said and then put (????) behind it if I wasn’t sure about the way I spelled it.

So yeah, sorry about that. Good old Andre’s times when people didn’t talk so much and didn’t use so many names lol.

That kidnapper is just retarded, so he wants Semir to not be suspicious,


yeah you are completely blending in with the crowd there, nothing to look at ladies and gentlemen, completely casual walk to the toilet


don’t mind us, we are just going to relief ourselves, together, at the same time. That’s what normal people do.